Cabling and Networking

We specialise in planning, design, installation, repair and maintenance of data network systems for business & commercial properties, residential buildings and industrial facilities in Inverness and throughout the Scottish Highlands.

Inverness Cabling Solutions provides first class data cabling services and solutions in Inverness and the Scottish Highlands. From new networks, phone and computer connections, to mass cable management and maintenance. We can help you to keep your data cables organised and get your home, office or factory connected properly and with minimal downtime.

Wired and wireless networking

When looking into starting up a home or office network it is important to take into consideration your needs in order to work out what cabling systems you are going to need. Whilst wireless networks are convenient, performance can vary dramatically, dependant on the layout of your home or office. The thickness of the walls and even the weather can affect the signal strength.

Wired networking still has an edge over wireless as it is far more reliable, costs a lot less and offers faster connection speeds.

Data point installation

Through the rise in online business and an increase in the use of  devices, more homes are having a greater demand for phone and internet access. Installing extra phone and data points for wireless access points throughout the home or office can eliminate the need for excessive cables, takes the load off wireless networks and allows for everyone to connect simultaneously without any performance loss in network speeds.

What are the differences between Cat 5, Cat 5e, and Cat 6 cables.

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    Cat 5: This standard was the first data cable spec to attempt 100 Mbps data transfer. It was usually unshielded, so Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) had a greater influence on the signal. Because of the noise issue, Cat 5 is hardly used, in fact Cat 5 cable is not widely manufactured anymore and therefore not easy to come by.

  • Cat 5e: This cable can be purchased as shielded twisted pair – STP, or unshielded twisted pair – UTP. Shielded twisted pair is essential in environments where interference is likely. E.g. if the cable will be laid in a cable trough running perpendicular to other signal and power carrying cables, there will more than likely be interference on an unprotected signal. Where your budget allows, it is best to use shielded when possible, even in a clean environment because interference could become an issue in the future.
  • Cat 6: This was developed as an upgrade to Cat 5e by using better insulation and typically a thicker wire. Installs are a bit more difficult because the thicker wire and insulation take up more space in the conduit, and the cable doesn’t bend as easily as the thinner Cat 5e cable. However, if it’s a new install, it would be worth your while to consider installing a Cat 6 network. Noise cancellation and EMI protection is far superior to Cat 5e and and as technology advances, Cat 6 will be able to keep your network running fast and smooth.

While Cat6 is new and more robust, bear in mind that Cat 5e should be sufficient to run any current network. Even with the high demand of graphics software and streaming video, a quality installation should provide a network infrastructure that is capable if keeping up with the devices that control it.

Inverness Cabling Solutions has the expertise to install any Cat 5e or Cat 6 network to the highest industry standards, to ensure that your network infrastructure performs at its peak for many years to come.