Hospitality WiFi

We specialise in Design, Support and Installation of Public and Private Wireless Networks (WiFi) for Campsites, Hotels, B&B's, Airbnb's and restaurants in Inverness and the Highlands.


Business Wifi NetworkingThese days, WiFi has become more integrated into our daily lives. But for most environments, the BT WiFi in the corner does not provide enough WiFi signal to function effectively.

With the introduction and expansion of High Speed & Fibre Optic Broadband in our homes and offices, WiFi and Internet connectivity has become more integrated into our daily lives. Many of the devices such as Smartphones, Smart TV’s, PC’s, Tablets and even Heating Systems now need WiFi to operate effectively. We have come to expect good WiFi whether we’re at home at play or at work.

As Inverness WiFi installers we can supply & install small or large Wireless Network (WiFi) Systems that will connect your Computers, Media Devices, Smart Phones & TV’s to your Wireless Network allowing simultaneous use of your WiFi Internet connection any where in your home, garden, office or building.

Inverness Cabling and WiFi can design, supply and install WiFi networks to allow seamless connectivity in your home, offices, farm and workshop. We also offer guest wifi networks, private networks and voucher code based networks – ideal for Restaurant, Hotels, Guest houses, Business Premises, and any other high usage areas.

For the most part, the stock standard BT WiFi router is adequate for small homes and offices. WiFi does not do well when expected to perform over large areas, through solid/stone walls and through metal (such as caravans).

We Specialise in Wireless Networks for:

Business WiFi

Home WiFi

Campsite WiFi

Hospitality WiFi

WiFi Installation brand of choice

The brand we use and trust in for Wifi Networks in Inverness and the Highlands is Ubiquiti Networks. Ubiquiti and their range of Unifi products are  currently Worlds leaders in WiFi distribution. They present a perfect solution for businesses and homes whether it be in a single room, wider coverage over larger buildings or even large campuses, farms and campsites. The Ubiquiti Unifi product range provides business grade Wireless Network Systems and allows us to design customised solutions built to suit your specific WiFi service requirements.