People Counter Solutions

Knowing how many people visit your store every day and cross referencing with how many people make a purchase can give you an enormous amount of information to help improve the performance of your store...

Optimise your stores performance with a people counter.

A people counter enables your to gather foot traffic data in retail environments to help businesses make informed decisions. Our camera based footfall counter automatically counts (in real time) the number of people of people passing under a camera, at what time they passed and in whether they were going into or out of the store.

Calculating footfall is a key metric for store and senior managers wanting to increase sales and drive profits up. By counting footfall, retailers can identify at any time of day – how many purchasing opportunities they have in-store and crucially, by incorporating that with sales data – how many they are missing. Knowing your hourly, daily and weekly retail footfall can give retailers that extra edge to target peak hours, convert browsers into customers and ultimately optimise store performance.

When integrated with sales data, this can be an invaluable tool to help make business critical decisions that could help optimise your store’s performance.

You can count on us

With our ceiling mounted camera and specialised software, we are able to provide a solution that can:

  • Analyse customer flows and traffic trends
  • Evaluate the impact of marketing campaigns designed at driving traffic into stores
  • Improve staff planning and determine optimal opening and staffing hours.
  • Optimise sales potential and store performance
  • Asses the impact of weather on your footfall.
  • Gather long term data to keep an eye on developing trends.