CCTV and Security Installations

CCTV systems are great for real-time surveillance of buildings or open area and is an essential tool in protecting people, property and assets.

Today more than ever it is critical to install the right equipment for your business.

It is no good throwing up a couple of cameras if they are not going to provide the information you need at the incident event. Here are a few considerations for a successful CCTV installation.

NVRs (Network Video Recorders)  capture images from your CCTV Cameras and record them onto a Hard Disk Drive (HDD). They can also be viewed on your smartphone remotely through your network

If an incident occurs these can be easily saved to USB or DVD and in turn can be viewed as evidence in court; but don’t use old Analog cameras! Will a few grainy pictures help bring criminals to justice? You need a high resolution system and that is where IP, Digital CCTV comes in.

We have chosen the Ubiquiti Unifi CCTV range who have a great product range and global representation. The CCTV range from Ubiquiti, coupled with a professional installation by Inverness Cabling and WiFi means a great solution for your CCTV needs, whether it’s around the home, office, warehouse or site.

Features include motion detection, alarm input and outputs, internet access anywhere in the world, adjustable frame rates and compression quality, date and time search, event recording  and many other features.

Cameras –  The right camera for your system needs careful consideration such as indoor/outdoor, lowlight, entry ID, number plate ID, cashiers point of sale – just to name a few.

Location, quality and field of view and quality recording (complete with a time stamp) are some of the components of a successful CCTV camera surveillance system.

We choose the Ubiquiti Unifi business grade IP CCTV system for the following reasons:

  • A trusted company with decades of reliability in the products they being to market
  • After sales Support.
  • State-of-the-art surveillance software
  • High resolution images
  • Remote Viewing (smartphone or Tablet)
  • Cameras are all waterproof
  • Scalable system from 2 – 200+.
  • Ethernet or Power Over Ethernet cabled options.
  • Cost Effective. While the camera’s themselves cost  approx 20% more to buy than the traditional COAX cameras, installation times are almost halved.

For more information about an IP Digital CCTV Security camera system thats right for you contact us now.