Inverness Smart Home Lighting


Smart Home Outside Lighting

If you thought of one “system” in your home used every day, by every member of your family and guests, it would be lighting. Smart Home lighting gives you the ability to control any light in your home from anywhere in your home and remotely using an intuitive iPad or iPhone app.

Smart Home Lighting can save energy, enhances safety, and will increase your quality of life around the home. When you take the technological plunge into the 20th century to upgrade your home with smart home lighting, you’re making the smart choice. With smart home lighting, you can take full advantage of incredible features such as auto on and off, time of day coordination to adjust lighting based on your daily schedule, and the ultimate in lighting control from a hand-held remote, wall-mounted switch, or tablet and smartphone app.

With smart home lighting, you can dim the lights throughout the entire house with one simple action. You can shut down for the night and turn off every light in the amount of time it takes you to touch a button or say “Hey Google, goodnight”. You also save energy with tighter controls, no longer leaving lights burning throughout the house because the trek to flick the switch is more effort than it is worth. With individual room sensors, you can program lights to turn off when unoccupied, further reducing energy consumption.

Smart lighting takes lighting control in your house to a whole new level.

Smart Home Lighting Automation Scenes

Here are some of our client’s favourite lighting scenes and functions:

  • Outdoor landscape lighting that is programmed to automatically go on one hour before sunset and automatically go off one hour after sunrise ensuring the outside of your home is always lit for aesthetics and safety
  • Lights that go on in the kitchen and hallways every morning at 7 AM, just before the kids come down for breakfast
  • Automation lighting vacation scenes that mimic your daily activity to create the appearance that someone is home, even when you’re not